The Ultimate Ink Roller Covering!

Introducing the printing industry's #1 alternative to copper- and ebonite-covered rollers!


Rilsan Nylon 11

Armorlith is Ethylene's proprietary covering based on Rilsan® Nylon 11 - a vibrator roller surface found on many modern presses. It offers printers what they want most—improved print quality, enhanced press efficiency and less downtime.

Ethylene is a leading provider of high performance seamless fluoropolymer coatings, linings, and accessories designed to protect and restore equipment used in the printing industry. Some of the coatings we offer in addition to Armorlith include:

Nonstick Coatings for use on:
  • Side joggers
  • Heat sealing bars
  • Glue pots and pans
  • Edge guides
  • Head stops
Wear Resistant Coatings for use on:
  • Feeder rolls
  • Gripper bars
  • Fan blades
Metallizing Coatings for use on:
  • Roller cores
  • Journals

Download Armorlith Brochure

Download Arkema Rilsan vs. Epoxy


  • Improved ink distribution and transfer
  • Chemically inert to inks and solvents
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Impact and wear resistant
  • No need to copperize or reactivate roller surfaces with chemicals or special "solutions"
  • Fusion-bonded to core &8212; will not come loose like other roller coverings
  • Rapid turnaround available
  • Ideal for short runs with high page counts